Thomas J. Vicino

Teaching and Courses

My teaching interests span the fields of American politics and public policy areas. I enjoy teaching across these fields and various multidisciplinary policy areas in the social sciences.

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Undergraduate-Level Courses

POLS 2357 Growth and Decline of Cities and Suburbs

Introduces students to the field of urban studies. Focuses on these central issues: how cities and suburbs evolve, what makes a city or suburb a good place to live, and how cities and suburbs are (or are not) planned. Students review the ways in which urban scholars and practitioners study cities and suburbs, their research methodologies, definition of issues, and division of labor among different disciplines. Students explore the roles of individuals, communities, the private sector, and government in planning and shaping the city.

POLS 2345 Urban Policies and Politics

Analyzes the political, administrative, economic, and social dynamics of urban areas. Highlights the diversity of political institutions and practices in American cities. Introduces key policy areas at the city level such as land use, economic development, and education.

POLS 1000 Political Science at Northeastern

This one-credit course introduces first-year political science majors to the discipline, the department, and the University as a whole. The course familiarizes students with the skills needed for success as a university student.

POLS 4937 Learning Abroad: Government and Politics

This academic program is a 4-week, faculty-led program offering students immersion into one of the world's most dynamic, diverse, and growing populations. The program will be hosted by the well-respected Institute Brazil - United States (IBEU), located in Brazil’s second largest city of Rio de Janeiro. Students will participate in two classes at IBEU’s centrally located campus, which provides quick access to many historical and cultural points of the city. The cultural immersion is furthered through home stays with selected, pre-screened local families in surrounding neighborhoods of Rio. The academic program is complemented by numerous guided excursions, lectures, and field visits with local academics and cultural experts.


Graduate-Level Courses

PPUA 6201 The 21st Century City

This course offers a multidisciplinary examination of the wonders and challenges of urban life, focusing on current dynamics of urban location and prosperity in the context of a global economy. It examines the forces that shaped the evolution of cities and metropolitan regions; assesses a range of policy issues confronting metro areas today and the respective roles played by public and private sectors in addressing those challenges; explores global forces that are transforming cities and regions throughout the world; and addresses key questions of urban well- being, civility, and civic engagement. Seminar discussions and lectures will draw on case examples from a broad spectrum of policy areas in the metropolitan arena.

POLS 7203 Techniques of Policy Analysis

This course provides an intensive introduction to the study of public policy. Its goal is to show students a systematic approach for understanding the origins, formulation, implementation, and impacts of governmental "outputs." Following a review of key analytical concepts and theoretical perspectives, the political dimensions of public policymakingóas well as the technical aspects of program design and evaluationówill be considered within the general framework of the "natural history" of the policymaking process. Lectures and class discussions will make use of case examples drawn from a broad spectrum of policy areas.

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